Mwananchi Communications Ltd.

Mwananchi Communication Ltd is the largest independent media house in East and Central Africa with operations in print, broadcast and digital media, which attract and serve unparalleled audiences in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda.
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about us

Who We Are


Mwananchi Communications Limited is a subsidiary of Nation Media Group. It is the leading print media company in Tanzania with print as well as online platforms. It was established in May 1999 as a Media Communication Limited and transformed to the advertising & Public Relations agency in year 2001 and was later acquired by Nation Media Group in the year 2002. Through Newspapers, we deliver a literate and informed audience who are opinion leaders, early adopters, and heavy consumers of different brands and service


Our print also delivers a mass market audience ranging from the young and upwardly mobile to the lower/ middle class who are mainstay of the Tanzania economy. Our Digital platforms provide you with an urban and peri urban audience and allow you a window into the world. It is the most effective way to reach anybody out there both local and international with an interest with the Tanzania and East Africa market.

Our Vision

To be a leading multimedia company in Tanzania

Our Mission

To enrich the lives of people and empower them to provide positive change in the society through superior media content

Our values


  • I put the company’s interest first
  • I make informed decisions based on market feedback
  • I balance public and commercial interests in my work
  • I respond quickly to my consumers and my internal & external customers


  • I contribute to our team goals
  • I treat others with dignity and respect
  • I contribute to create an enabling work environment
  • I give honest feedback to my colleagues


  • I am accountable & responsible for my actions
  • I say it the way it is and I walk my talk
  • I give and seek honest feedback
  • No ambushes


  • I think like a landlord and not like a tenant
  • I know our business performance
  • I contribute to the desired direction our business is going
  • I give glory to the person(s) who deserve(s) it


  • I share my ideas on opportunities and gaps
  • I often pilot new things but remain logical
  • I give room for mistakes
  • I am constantly reviewing what and how we are doing, and how we can improve
Corporate Social Responsibility and Citizenship

We are committed to bring Positive Changes in our Society by Leadership for Social Goods.

Editorial Independence

We Cherish and Uphold Editorial Independence in Our Business


Work with & Support Colleagues to Raise Overall Performance

Board of Directors

Leonard Mususa
Company Chairman
James Kinyua
Company Secretary
John Ulanga
Non Executive Director
Hanif Jaffer
Non Executive Director
Abdul Simba
Non Executive Director
Wangethi Mwangi
Non Executive Director
Stephen Gitagama
Executive Director
Francis Majige Nanai
Managing Director

Our Leadership

Bakari Machumu
Executive Editor
Kenneth Mugabe
Head of Commercial
Paul Ongoma
Finance Manager
Josephat Kesagero
Legal & Admin Manager
Aika Massawe
Human Resources Manager
Vespery Michael
Production Manager