Dar es Salaam. Challenges of diversity of women in top leadership positions can be eliminated if Tanzania chooses different ways to approach gender issues across all sectors, says Leonald Mususa, Chairman of the board of the directors at Mwananchi Communications Limited (MCL).

Speaking at The Citizen Rising Woman initiative on March 8, he mentioned the number of chief executive officers in the world and only 4.4 per cent are women.

“Among the top 500 companies in the world, only 24 are women, this may discourage Tanzania in their quest for gender balance, but we can diverse the ways and be different from other countries,” said Mr Mususa.

He added that Tanzanian societies can make great strides if there is a linkage between the top positions and the lower positions in every sector.

“We already have a Woman Vice President, women members of Parliaments, gender development may be emerging but we can fasten the pace if there will be improvements within the quest,” he said.

Mr Mususa said Tanzania can walk the talk whilst using what it has as it must embrace the new current demands of having a mixology in every field of work