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Mwananchi marks two years since its journalist Azory Gwanda went missing

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Mwananchi marks two years since its journalist Azory Gwanda went missing

This year marked two years since journalist Azory Gwanda mysteriously disappeared in November 21st 2017.  He is believed to have been taken away by unknown people at the height of a mop-up operation in Kibiti District where killings were taking place. To commemorate this day Mwananchi Communications Limited (MCL) planted a tree at its compound as well as unveil a plaque in his tribute.

This tree lays down the memory of our family member Azory Gwanda in which the tree bear fruits and fruits will produce seeds which reflects the mission the media is carrying in improving society livelihood

The managing director of Mwananchi Communications Limited (MCL), Mr Francis Nanai, plants a tree to mark the second year of Azory Gwanda mysterious disappearance.

He was a correspondent with MCL when he disappeared. The government is still investigating the case whose findings are keenly awaited. MCL acknowledges and appreciates the government and other actor’s efforts who condemn his case. His case has lately featured in public forums on civil rights, and in 2018 won the “Daudi Mwangosi Prize” in absentia to honour his work and courage. The prize by Union of Tanzania Press Clubs is in remembrance of a TV reporter who was killed by police while covering a public protest in Iringa Region in September 2012.

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