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Mwananchi Thought Leadership Forum II

Mwananchi Thought Leadership Forum II

On 4th October 2018. Mwananchi Communications Limited held the Second edition of the Mwananchi Thought Leadership forum which focused on discussing the Opportunities and Challenges on The road Towards Industrialization while highlighting the regulatory framework, human capital, financing and social economic Impacts. The aim of this discussion was to create awareness on where we are currently as a nation and if Tanzania becoming a Semi Industrialized country by 2025 is achievable. The forum drew stakeholders from different entities who included Captains of Industries, Non-Governmental Organizations, Government Officials, Students, Civil Society, Diplomatic Missions and Development Partners. The Forum was graced with the presence of the Minister of Industry Trade and Investment Hon Charles Mwijage who hailed Mwananchi for initiative to help government leaders engage and listen to the public so as to determine if government was on the right path. Assuaged feelings that the industrialization journey was plagued and said obstacles were surmountable. The forum was moderated by Mr. Felix Mlaki and Dr. Blandina Kilama. The partners were Ministry of Industries, Trade and Investment, ITV/Radio One and UNIDO. While the sponsors were NMB, KPMG, TCME, Best Dialogue, Sayona, KCB Bank, Songas together with Stanbic Bank.

To kick off the dialogue the Chairman of CTI Mr. Subhash Patel who mentioned that Tanzania has many opportunities to achieve industrialization from manufacturing salt, agricultural inputs and value edition for a line of many products. Value edition is key to an industrial-led economy. Tanzania’s geographical location is an advantage/opportunity for a market of millions of consumers. Tanzania’s biggest problem is mindset and negative attitude towards investors.


The dialogue had four main panelists these included Dr. Edwin Mhede from Ministry Of Trade and Investment who focused on the topic of Regulatory Framework and highlighted the importance of policy and rules is to level the play field and ensure everyone had a fair chance to participate in the envisaged industrial economy

The second panelist was Ms Zuhura Muro who talked about the Human Capital who mentioned that there is need to look at where the majority of Tanzanians workers are in as far as industrialization investment is concerned.

The third panelist was Mr Filbert Mponzi from NMB bank and he focused on the financing aspect. As financial institutions, they have a role to play to facilitate the vision to attain the middle level income economy via industrialization. The banks main role is to provide investment capital to projects.

The fourth panelist was Mr Gilman Kasiga who mentioned that the vision for industrialization is a positive step towards attaining real economic development and mirrors on what the developed economies did to grow their economies.

This dialogue included the participation of an expert panel which included Mr. Godfrey Simbeye , Executive Director of Tanzania Private Sector Foundation, Adolf Boyo, Audit Manager from KPMG, Ami Mpungwe , Chairman of Chambers of Minerals and Energy and Dr. Donald Mmari, Executive Director, REPOA.

Questions and answers session from the audiences that participated Mwananchi Thought Leadership Forum season 2.


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