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PRESS RELEASE : Mwanaspoti launches new promotion in Dar es Salaam

Mwanaspoti, Mchongo wa mwanaspoti

PRESS RELEASE : Mwanaspoti launches new promotion in Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam, July 1st, 2019: The popular sports and entertainment newspaper in Tanzania, Mwanaspoti, published by Mwananchi Communications Limited (MCL) has launched a special promotion titled ‘SHINDA MCHONGO WA MWANASPOTI’

Speaking to journalists in Dar es Salaam, MCL Executive Editor, Bakari Machumu, said that, the promotion aimed to reward consumers, who are mostly sports and entertainments followers by winning various prizes.

This promotion comes at a time when the newspaper, which is also sold in Kenya, has been updated to its content, including adding a new ZE KICK pullout which will be published every Saturday that will have good commenters like Mwl. Kashasha, Dr.Levy, Ezekiel Kamwaga and Luqman Maloto without forgetting Edo Kumwembe.

According to Machumu, the focus of MCL is to ensure that readers of the newspaper find the best and timely information and also news that have been researched and detailed analysis of the paper.

MCL Marketing Manager, Ms Sarah Munema added, the promotion will include various prizes including smartphones, bodaboda and a cash prize of 500,000/= Tshs to be divided to five different winners each person leaving with one 100,000/= Tshs in their pockets every week.

And greater than that 10,000,000 / = Tshs will be distributed to two winners at the Grand draw to be held on September 2019. Draws to select winners will be aired through AZAM SPORTS 2 Channel every Sunday from 9:30 pm starting 14th July 2019.

The promotion will be held for the next 12 weeks across all regions of Tanzania, the reader will be required to buy a Mwanaspoti newspaper, fill in their information on the second page of the newspaper, then cut the coupon and collect it to the newspaper vendors or any nearest Mwananchi Communications Ltd offices across the country. The coupons that meet the criteria will be included in the weekly draws under the supervision of the National Gaming Board.

Ms Munema concluded by mentioning the cost of the entire campaign to be one hundred and fifty million shillings (150,000,000 / =).

Machumu urged Tanzanians to take advantage of the opportunity and insisted that the first draw will take place on the 14th July 2019. He also urged people to join the conversation on social media through the promotion of hashtags #ShindaMchongowaMwanaspoti and #NIKUPEFASTA.





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