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The Citizen Re-Brand

The Citizen Re-Brand

Over the years, OUR Company has endeavored to inform, educate and entertain the public using different media platforms in order to enrich the lives of people and empower them towards positive change in society.


Today, we are here for yet another milestone for our English daily, THE CITIZEN. Since its inception, the English Language Daily has built its name as the Most Influential Newspaper, with exceptional market penetration.


Ever since its establishment, our teams have worked tirelessly to establish The Citizen as the leading English language newspaper in quality and content. Quality as defined in terms of meeting and exceeding the needs of our targeted consumers.  We appreciate that with time the needs of our targeted consumers have evolved as has the way in which they consume their news! The digital innovation has been a major disruptor. But we are up to the challenge. For this we thank our readers for their regular feedback.


The Citizen stands tall when it comes to investigative reporting – having diligently covered major stories like the ‘EPA Scandal,’ ‘Alex Stewart Assayers,’ the ‘Richmond saga,’ and the ‘Tegeta Escrow Account’ scam – among others – that have had a very positive influence on governance and policy change in the Country. In addition, the newspaper has proven second-to-none when it comes to business and economic reporting.

However, with the changing economic dynamics in growing economies such as Tanzania’s, there is a real need for deepening knowledge and business insights , to first help our readers navigate the emerging challenges… And, secondly: to tap into new growth opportunities.


With the changing consumer patterns and the explosion in the digital space, market dictates require the print media to be innovative in the way we deliver news.


Today, therefore, The Citizen is once again raising the bar as a dependable platform to empower the business community and policy makers with more business-focused news reporting and analyses that give them reliable information and data to help you make key decisions.


We believe that smart Public/Private Partnership are key to successful industrialization and we intend to produce news that will enrich this partnership.  In that regard, The Citizen will always play its part diligently in stimulating debate on the national agenda for development through providing timely information for the positive exchange of views and experiences. So you are welcome to contribute!


We take this opportunity to sincerely express our heartfelt gratitude to the Government for its commitment to providing a business-friendly environment. Through in-depth analysis of investment and business related issues, we hope to provide relevant input in this regard. Our editorial reporting will always be focused on the greater interests of the public – which rightly depend on the media for information, education and entertainment.

Finally, I want to assure the Government in particular, and all Our Stakeholders in general, that we are committed to a well-balanced and responsible journalism in line with our editorial policy.

To Our Readers, we promise you a more refined, a dependable and satisfying business-friendly national newspaper going forward.

To Our Advertisers, we will not let you down. We will continue to reach a bigger audience with a dependable product that will give you the value that you deserve and expect.


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